Technology: NetFlow Collector


NetFlow Collector is a physical or virtual appliance designed for long-term storage, display and analysis of network flows in formats NetFlow/IPFIX/sFlow and others. NetFlow Collector enables users to accurately, quickly and efficiently solve network problems, enhance its security by detecting internal and external attacks, prevent incidents, optimize the network and reduce operating costs.



» An example of NetFlow collector is virtual solution Flowmon VA Solution.


NetFlow Collector provides complete network traffic visibility through a range of long-term graphs and perspectives, Top-N statistics about users, services and communications, user-defined profiles, the possibility to drill-down to any communication and much more. It provides a full set of features for monitoring and reporting on network traffic including alerting in case of a predefined event. Functionality of NetFlow Collector can be further extended by Network Behavior Analaysis System (NBA/NBAD technology) for automatic detection of security and operational incidents.