Flowmon: Next-generation Network Traffic Monitoring & Anomaly Detection

Do you know WHO is doing WHAT and WHEN on your network?

Fast, reliable and secured network is the key for company operations. The Flowmon provides modern & effective solution for network traffic monitoring and security based on NetFlow and Network Behavior Analysis (NBA/NBAD) technologies. » Learn more on technology

Cloud (SaaS) or Virtual Appliance delivered Flowmon solution enables you to analyze network traffic structure, troubleshoot operational problems, reduce network operation related costs and alert on sophisticated threats which are undetectable using traditional signature-based methods. » Learn more on solution


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Analyze traffic, detect threats, troubleshoot failures

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Benefits of Flowmon Solution

Operational and configuration issues are detected and identified immediately.

Infrastructure is better protected against new security threats.

Problems are solved fast and efficiently, significant cost reduction.


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Network Behavior Analysis

Anomaly Detector module uses automatic flow analysis to identify malicious activities, zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats in network and to increase network security.



Flow-based Monitoring

To be able to monitor and analyse NetFlow you will need a device for generating the data (NetFlow compatible switches and routers or dedicated probe) and a device to collect and analyse them.